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The words on this page are the blog postings of thoughts, ideas, poems, dreams and just...well, WORDS!  Please feel free to share with me your thoughts...
Marc Witmer

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Poem for Wife Carole...
Breaking the Cycle...

in due time, 
  we find ourselves
    beyond the dreams
      we had, and yet
new dreams are rising
  from the abyss of
    our insatiable
      appetite for success...
and we long for better
  circumstances to adorn
    our now busy lives, or
      better yet, the "good ole days"
that once, were not enough;
  somehow the cycle must end,
    and the "busyness" of living
      revert to the business of being...
in His time,
  we find ourselves
    beyond our limited dreams,
      and our appetites satisfied...

2:34 pm cst

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