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My Family...Family.jpg
Carole and I met in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1982. We married in June 1983, and moved to Austin, Texas two years later in the summer of 1985. When we married on Father's Day of 1983, I also became a father to Carole's son, Casey Michael Williams. He was a charming 3 1/2 at the wedding, and is now a Business Marketing graduate from Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX (2003). He is a past All American (brag...brag...) in NCAA Division II track and field for the 1600M relay; he also ran the 400M and occasionally the 800M. As iron sharpens iron, I have learned how to be a better person through the interactions of being Casey's 'step-dad'... still, I miss the little boy that I fell in love with over 30 years ago...

Carole and I enjoy cooking, gardening, reading, and occasionally, writing music together, but mostly we like to think that we just enjoy being together!! We are from opposite ends of the "DOING=BEING" scale. She is less apt to do too much, and I am prone to overdo. God is so good in bringing us together to enjoy the growing process of becoming more whole as a married couple. Though we have been through storms together, He is faithful and just and always provides a path through His grace...

The next generation of music...
We now enjoy the blessings of Grand-Parent-hood with our first grandson, Christian (born in 2005), and now a granddaughter Arden through marriage (born 2006). Both have a wonderful curiosity for music. As you can see from the picture to the left, Christian at age 1 was trying to copy "Papa Marc" at the piano. A year later, he was sitting with me pressing random notes that I wrote down as "Christian's First Melody." I added a simple harmonic structure to his random melody and recorded it a few years later.
Several years ago I wrote a poem about my stepson, Casey, called "Beyond Knees and Elbows" that reminds me of my deep love that has grown for both Christian and Arden...

he is all knees and elbows now,
the recent rapid growth has left
a thin layer of muscle stretched
across his bones, and yet,
the softness of his hug remains...
long ago, her arms were a cradle
to his languid sleeping body, before
the expansion of his mind and the
swelling of his heart, she was his
sole reason,...no, his soul's reason
for being...
and now his knees and elbows extend
far beyond the cradle, and yet,
the softness of his hug remains...

without a father, without a son,
the need was there before we met.
he a stranger, and I even more, created
a separate oneness that we shared;
timid beyond fear, yet not past love,
we learned to hug with His softness...

the joy will come I told myself
late one night as I listened to
his bones grow, and watching him sleeping,
I dreamt of his manhood, and I
saw his knees and elbows span the
heavens, and with His love,
the softness of his hug remained...